Good friends may decide to tell you something that is not true but nonetheless sustaining: Nothing is impossible. That was the case of Blue Freedom co-founder who asked his friend if it would be possible to produce energy himself no matter where he was. The “nothing is impossible” reply evidently worked. He and his team put their heads together and a Blue Freedom device was the result.

Blue Freedom is now being promoted in a crowdfunding campaign as a hydroelectric power station that fits in your backpack, and allows you to charge all kinds of electrical devices—cameras, MP3 players, smartphones, tablets—any product that comes with a rechargeable battery. They have completed the final prototyping of Blue Freedom. This is an attractively small and lightweight hydro power station. It has integrated LED lighting for seeing in the dark. The device works in flowing water. You can recharge the internal battery and use the energy then or you can use it later on.