If you want to spend some time in nature you should know that going off grid always requires some preparation and you’ll need to take a few basic things with you. From the multitude of gadgets on the market, a power on the go device should not miss from your backpack.

One of the most ingenious devices created for this purpose is Blue Freedom, a portable hydropower plant that gives you power on the go and does so in unique form. Using the power of flowing water, Blue Freedom produces portable energy to charge all your electric devices. Here’s how it does it: you set it in a running stream or any flowing water and the micro-turbine provides eco-friendly energy for the operation of any device. Just one hour of moving water yields 10 hours of power for your smartphone via USB, plus the whole setup is small enough to fit in your backpack. Of course, you have to go camping and hiking on routes that actually include easily accessible running water, which may be a problem in some locations. But if there’s a river near, you don’t need to worry about carrying along extra batteries or bulkier fuel-based generators.